Thursday, April 7, 2011

SoCS and Community Planning

What a pleasant surprise: when arriving at the office today, there was a fresh Soundscape theme number of the journal ”Yhdyskuntasuunnittelu(The Finnish Journal of Urban Studies, 2011:1, vol. 49) in the post box. The SoCS project is well represented: Heikki Uimonen’s article on listening walks and recording as means of qualitative evaluation of soundscapes; Jani Päivänen is interviewing Helmi Järviluoma on soundscape and social memory, and last but not least: a very positive review of the book “Acoustic Environments in Change”. This review “European life in the light of soundscape research” is written by Timo Cantell. The journal includes one article in English by an wellknown colleague Per Hedfors, and Peter G. Howell on “Urban sonotopes – towards a participatory design”.

- Helmi

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  1. Only just noticed this on New Year's Day, but better late than never! AND what would be a better moment to thank for a pleasant cooperation? Let's continue it whenever it suits you, Helmi + team.

    - Jani