Sunday, August 8, 2010

Presentations and abstracts of the Koli conference online

Some keynote lectures and individual paper presentations together with abstracts and some full papers from the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology Koli 2010 conference have been recorded and added online. Check out the Post-conference page at the Finnish Society for Acoustic Ecology website and the Keynote panel discussion III:

Five Village Soundscapes – Acoustic Environments in Change from 1970s to 21st century.
Chair Dr, composer R. Murray Schafer.
- Professor, composer Barry Truax (Simon Fraser Univ.): The specific model of the Acoustic Community and the 1975 Five Village Soundscapes
- Composer Hildegard Westerkamp: Listening to recordings - Five Village Soundcapes imagined
- Professor Helmi Järviluoma-Mäkelä (Univ. of Eastern Finland): Studying change and non-change in European villages
- University lecturer Noora Vikman (Univ. of Eastern Finland): Cembra all around the world
- Researcher Heikki Uimonen (Univ. of Tampere): Last of the Blacksmiths - The diverse pasts of Scottish village of Dollar

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